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          Workshops for People with Health Conditions and Caregivers

          Empower yourself to take charge of your health. Choose from topics such as chronic conditions, chronic pain, diabetes and caregiver self-care


          Training for Health Care Professionals

          Learn evidence-based communication strategies to empower people with chronic conditions to make healthy lifestyle changes



          Self-Management Program Central East

          • Do you live with an ongoing health condition? Would you like to feel better and do more of the activities you enjoy?
          • Would you like to make changes around diet or exercise but you don’t know where to start?
          • Would you like to learn strategies for better managing your medications and communicating with your doctor?
          • Are you caring for a family member or friend with a chronic condition and are feeling overwhelmed physically and emotionally?

          We have a workshop for you!

          Get In Touch

          1 (866) 971-5545